We leverage community and social impact from your digital project investment

We believe the promise of the Internet is to build empowered communities

We are committed to regional Australia


Make Your Digital Build Meaningful

Collaborate with us to help address the challenge of digital inclusion. We help with:

Exposure - sharing opportunities, resources, networks, and programs to support digital skill development

Experimentation - testing and trying technology, applications, and approaches such as design and systems thinking on local projects for public benefit

Experience - giving people the opportunity to take on meaningful roles within projects that build practical experience.


Practicing Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

We take a strengths based approach because it builds people and communities. 

We know first-hand how powerful exposure to new skills and the mentoring to nurture them can be.


Measuring Change and Impact

We know that the digital divide between people with skills and without is increasing. We help you measure skills and impact using the  DigComp Framework so you know where you make the most impact.


Thinking Local and Connecting Global

We are inspired by experience studying and practicing how small communities, organisations and groups work, and how digital can best serve their missions. And we help amplify your impact by connecting with local and global networks.

A Deep Commitment to Rural and Regional

We have a deep commitment to community and regional community survival. Digital skills are at the heart of enterprise, job growth and employment. Internet technologies promise reduced barriers in a connected world. It is critical people growing up, living in and returning to regional areas can realise this potential.

Check out how we BOOM!

We find managing enthusiasm and having space for people to collaborate is the most challenging part of community leadership and movement building. So we have made BOOM! a platform for Building Open Organised Movements for communities.

If you want to dip your toes in we have projects running through our Digital Sandbox project which is built on it's own BOOM! platform. 

BOOM! is open source. We've taken the best collaboration platform we could find and customised it for Australian communities and organisations - we know what it takes to build, manage, sustain and nurture communities and movements. 

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