Digital Sandbox - collaboration for exposure, experiment and experience

Digital Sandbox is a tool kit, collaboration area and project set. The low hanging fruit of Internet and digital development has been picked. If you want to develop digital skills internally or as a capacity building, community building or skill building project you can't teach people skills in isolation.

The digital sandbox is powered by OpenSocial the most exciting, feature rich collaboration platforms available. We build in open source software, we take this platform and modify it to work for our communities. 

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We build programmes around three elements:

  1. Exposure - sharing opportunities, resources, networks, and programs to support digital skill development
  2. Experimentation - testing and trying technology, applications, and approaches such as design and systems thinking on local projects for public benefit
  3. Experience - giving people the opportunity to take on meaningful roles within projects that build practical experience

We measure success against DigComp

A framework for building digital capacity - it includes:

  1. Digital content creation
  2. Problem solving
  3. Information and data literacy
  4. Safety 
  5. Communication and collaboration

The research tells us digital divides are widening

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2018 confirmed that "there are still substantial gaps between Australians who are digitally included and those who are not. In fact that gap is widening for some groups".

Measuring ability and change is important. Digital Sandbox uses the DigComp Framework to measure digital competancy at the start and end of projects - we want to know how we are shifting the needle - and to tell you where projects can make the most impact.

For projects with an enterprise focus the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework provides a fantastic resource for enterprise metrics.